by Anselmo VanderMaas

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chasvander just a great bunch of guys that never set foot in the same room at any time in order to record this together.. oh the wonders of modern technology love you cats
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Introduction 01:38
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, Over and over. That's why you got to go forward, Don't stop, don't stay in the past. Keep on digging, Keep on digging, My son, My son. Keep on digging, Before somebody might be coming, gonna drop a bomb. Ooohhh Hey now don't lose it, You've got to choose it You've gotta find which way to go. You can't say it, You gotta play it, You gotta know which way to go. Yes you'll get what you get... {Spoken} It's right there in front of you, You got the CNN, FOX, MSNBC Oh I don't know? Al Jazeera TV. Social Media? Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Somebody tell me how much does it cost to drop a bomb? Somebody please tell me how much does it cost to drop a bomb? Would somebody please tell me! How much does it cost to drop a bomb?! How much does it cost? What's the price? How much does it cost? Billions! Do do do, do do do now Baby One Bomb! Sing It! One Bomb! One Bomb! One Bomb!
Can you see the times have changed, Can’t you feel? Changes are changing ungodly, The speed it changes, Blows My Mind. It's the speed that is changing that doesn’t make sense, It worries me so outloud, And I hope we’re okay? Oh Oh Ohhhh Woah The speed it changes, Walking around the park All the good people around, Living, playing, laughing. So it comes out of the dark, The dark and evil doer, So from out your womb of the evil mind. Evil-Evil go away …. Evil, All this unnecessary Evil, Evil, It’s on and on and on Oh yeah Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah. Get that dog out my backyard! Praise the Lord!!! See well the times have changed, Can’t you feel?
Ahhhhhh, I know. I’ve seen it before, I’ve seen it before, Oooh How do you make feel so sad? How will you make it feel alright? How will you make it? Why? Why? Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh….. Dreaming I’m along the lake, Dreaming I’m along the lake, Dreaming I’m along the lake, Dreaming I’m along the lake Ohhhh Ohhhhhh woah You know all there is love, This wasn’t funny, It wasn’t funny at all. Dah Dah Dah Dah Straight To Hell!


The dynamic duo from Picasso's Dream, Chase VanderMaas and Anthony S. Anselmo lead you into a gripping tail of mystery spun around powerful gut punching rock themes.


released June 17, 2016

Guitars/Bass/Vocals: Chase VanderMaas
Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
Additional Guitars: Derek Barlas
Drums: Harald Kay

Additional Musicians
Acoustic Guitar: Francesco Mega (acoustic Guitar on Double Crossed)
Guitar: Anna Vashneva (guitar on Giant Footsteps)
Bass: George Schiessl (bass on Giant Footsteps)
Drums: Steve Dauphinais (additional drums on When You Get Back Home)

All songs written by Anthony S. Anselmo and Chase VanderMaas except Giant Footsteps (Anselmo/VanderMaas/Kay/Vashneva)

Artwork by Cayenne Chris Conroy


all rights reserved



Anselmo / VanderMaas Columbus, Ohio

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